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Amanda Newham

My name is Amanda Newham, in 2015 after not picking up a paintbrush for 30 years I decided to attend a short art course. This was the best decision of my life. Since then I started painting when I could in our kitchen and eventually had the resources to convert a part of our garage into a small studio. My connections with Africa has seen me visit there a few times where I was privileged enough to spend some time in areas rich with wildlife.I am mostly interested in animals, trees, culture and buildings.The majority of my work is acrylic and I don't do dull! 

This elephant was my first sale.


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African Beauty

African Koedoe Bull

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My fascination with colour and buildings naturally drew me to the architecture and landscape of the Greek Isles, specifically the uniqueness of Santorini. And inspired this most favourite piece of mine.


The mesmerizing colours of these Brazilian slums inspired me once again to paint and I found the subject  strangely alluring.


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Derby, United Kingdom


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